Maxx Blue Winters

:Tattoos. Piercings. Music. Friends. Horror Movies. Coffee Addict. Sweet Tooth Fiend. Vegetarian. Zombie Obsession. Photography. Hairdresser. Makeup Artist. Animal lover. Artist. Anti-Photogenic. Gamergirl. Animal Rights Activist:

"Life is a crazy tea party"

Words that describe me
I'm a very dark girl whose
disturbed emotionally, lost mentally, scarred physically,
and scream the obscene, broken beyond repair,
Can bring you the apocalypse and give you hell.

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Twitter: @MaxxSkeleton
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過去ログつめあわせ④ by 鈴宮美紗@スパコミ・の47b
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Kingdom Hearts Screencap - 2/50 // Halloween Town
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Final Fantasy + Shiva
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Starry Night by porbital
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Camilla D’Errico

awe i havent seen these paintings in a minute

Okay this is the first day of October,
I’m pretty excited about Halloween but also today I start the female fronted bands appreciation month posts.
I decided to post 3 bands of the day which means 3 songs of the day;
I’m only posting female fronted bands that I feel don’t get any to very little appreciation (sorry not Paramore and Evanescence); I hope you enjoy the bands I post.